Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I am loving now

As we are celebrating the beginning of summer I have a new collection of current favorite things!

So here's what I am LOVING now:

Vinatge pink convertible. How fabulous would that be to drive around on a summer night? Put a beautiful bright orange scarf in your hair, turn the music up, and feel the wind in your face.
Anthropologies dishwear collection. I bought my mom one of these bowls for her ice cream treat! Perfect size and oh so adorable.

My summer reading. An absolutely fascinating story weaving various lives together with the backdrop of Russia in the late 19th C aristrocratic Russian society. The work is quite involved and it is taking me awhile to read it although I know I will feel great when I successful accomplish reading the 800+ pages!

MIH. I am working at a boutique this summer and these are the MUST HAVE jeans. The brand started in the 1970s referred to as "made in heaven" jeans and has resurfaced in the past couple of years. The style has a bit of a 70s flair, but are incredibly flattering and flying off the shelves! I personally like the London cut (medium rise with a bootcut leg). Other popular styles are Paris (mid rise with a cropped leg) and Marrakesh (the trendiest look, high rise with flared leg).

A wonderful summer treat, strawberry shortcake!

I absolutely love flowers, and right now I am loving the hydrangea blooms. We have a bush in our yard with the white flower, and although the colors are wonderful...I think the actual flower is extremely beautiful. They have such fascinating texture and volume and look beautiful in any yard, arrangement, and centerpiece.

Summer days in the sun! What can you not like about this picture?? From the beautiful blue water to the colorful and bright umbrellas...this just has to put a smile on your face!

Hope my loves make your day a little brighter!


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