Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dîner en Blanc

Twirling Clare readers, I have had the most amazing discovery! I know I might be a bit "behind the times" in hearing about this world renown event, but I can blame it on being from Cincinnati...because, as Mark Twain quoted, everything takes 20 years to reach Cincinnati. 
Nevertheless, this spectacular event is a must-share!
I heard about Dîner en Blanc last month from a co-worker at the boutique because Cincinnati is hosting the event on September 15th. 
A little under a quarter century ago, Frenchmen François Pasquier moved home to Paris from several years abroad in Spain. Upon his return, he wanted to throw a welcome home party for some of his closest friends. He instructed them all to meet at a local park, with picnic necessities. In order to find each other, they should all wear white. 
The event, founded on such a simple concept, has turned into a worldwide hit. It is most famous in Paris where guests have reached 15,000. It has seaped into the United States with kick-off events in New York and San Francisco and now events this year in Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New Orleans, and Cincinnati. 
Guests are invited and expected to bring their picnic meals, tables, and chairs...and sport their white ensembles. On the day of the event, they will receive an announcement of where the event is to be held. Often times, it is held in a large public park. The guests are told to use public transportation to make their way to the party. Upon arrival, they set up their tables and chairs, meet and greet their fellow dinner company (as large tables form in maze like order around the park). Music is provided for guests to enjoy background sounds as they eat & drink. Often a more festive band is used as the stars light up the sky, encouraging guests to dance the night away. For many occasions, G.H. Mumm Champagne has sponsored the event passing trays with a little bubbly. In addition, once the sun sets, guests are given sparklers and everyone sets their a-glow for a picture-perfect moment. 

Still interested in learning more?? Or would you like to find out a way to get on the waiting list??
Check out the Cincinnati page HERE. 

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  1. That is so cool! I wonder if they have one in DC?!

  2. aren't these amazing? I sort of meant to go to the recent one in LA but it slipped my mind. Looks beautiful!


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