Wednesday, August 15, 2012

engraved pencils

Being back-to-school time, I always have fun exploring the different office supplies necessary (or not...) for starting a new year. 
I load up on pens, highlighters, notebooks, index cards, and folders. 
One item that I want to add to my list is this collection of adorable pencils from the Design Darling Boutique

Don't you love them??
Order HERE

Here are some other cute engravings I have come across:

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  1. So cute! I always used mechanical pencils... but would get these just to display they are so cute.
    Wish I was going back to school! :)

  2. Love these! So old school and refreshing to see them resurfacing!

  3. LOVE these! So, so cute! I had pencils like this in elementary school with my name on them! I loved them then and still do ;)


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