Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Women All-stars

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympics the past few weeks. It is both entertaining and incredibly inspiring to watch these talented individuals from around the world showcase their talent in support of their country. 
The United States, once again, has had a successful representation boosting athletes rising above and beyond the occasion. I think most notable were the female athletes that came from America. 
I heard on the news yesterday that if the women Olympians from the United States were a country, they would have placed in third for overall standings. This news made me absolutely thrilled, I always advocate for women who share their talents in a positive light, inspiring the world and making a difference. This year's Olympians made such an impression. 

HERE is an article for you to read more about US women Olympians. 

The real Baywatch babes.

The "sweetheart" of the Olympics.

The golden girls. 

The first women from Saudi Arabia to take part in an Olympic celebration. 

As we applaud these remarkable achievements. I would also like to share a link with Kate's perfect Olympic attire. She succeeded brilliantly in dressing for the part of UK's biggest fans. 

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